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Hej på er! Hoppas ni börjar känna lite julefrid. Det har i alla fall vi börjat göra. Vi får se om vi hinner med en julhälsning här lite senare, annars hörs vi i mellandagarna igen. Så länge tänkte vi passa på att posta en intervju med oss som man just nu kan hitta i senaste numret av Honest food magazine. Här nere är den på engelska för er som inte förstår estländska.

Tell us what was the first dish each one of you cooked on your own, what is your first cooking memory?
Nathalie: I’ve always been interested in foods and always got to spend time in the kitchen with my dad when he cooked. That way I learned quite a few dos and don’ts. One being how to chop onions correctly. I have no real memory of the first dish I cooked but I’m guessing it was something easy like pancakes.
Matilda: One fond memory is a cake a friend taught me how to cook. We had gotten so big that we had our own keys to the house, so when school ended we went to her home and baked. It was a dream cake (read: sugar bomb). A creamy chocolate cake with cocos and caramel sauce topping. Baked in a roasting pan so you got lots of it.

How about the first dish you cooked together? What was it and why?
The first recipe we posted on the blog was a simple apple cake with apples from Matilda’s garden. At first it wasn’t meant to be a blog post but standing in Matilda’s kitchen we realized this was something we really enjoyed, and that a blog might be something for the two of us.


Babes in Boyland

How did the babesinboyland blog started? What’s something great that you’ve learned or that’s happened to you since starting your blog?
We’ve been doing work together on and off in one way or another since 2011, but the blog started 2013. Matilda has always been shooting photos and Nathalie has a big food interest, and that’s what got it started. When we were starting out we blogged on our own domain, but after a while we moved the blog to the lifestyle portal Lovely Life, where we still blog and feel at home. Lots of fun stuff have happened since we started the blog. One time Sam Smith gave us a shout out (resulting in 2000 instant followers on Instagram), and we also do quite a lot fun and exciting partnerships (such as for example IKEA and Bogaboo). We’ve also gotten to know some really great, professional people working on stuff similar to us. We’re constantly learning as we go along. Nowadays we let things take the time it needs and trust our guts more.

What are your favorite ingredients and tools?
Nathalie: Favorite ingredient in food is garlic, and in pastry and desserts it’s chocolate. Favorite tool is a sharp knife and a small grater (for garlic, parmesan, lemon etc).
Matilda: Really like our blender. We’re trying to always have frozen berries and fruits at home and with the blender it’s easy to boost both yourself and your kid with some good energy.

What’s your fondest comfort food?
Nathalie: When it comes to food it’s either lentil stew or pasta. When talking pastry nothing beats fresh baked cinnamon buns.
Matilda: You can always mix together beans into patties or balls. We usually have some ready-made in the freezer, ready to heat in a pan. The favorite is kidneybean balls with rosemary, oregano and basil.

Poster Knoppen by Babes in Boyland

What about a dish/dishes that you will never cook? Is there any and why?
We’re both vegetarians so never meat. We also try to eat lots of vegan food, so we try to not eat as much dairy products. Both for ethical reasons but also for the sake of the planet.

Continue the sentence: Everything tastes better with … (and why :))
good ingredients – organic, locally grown and in season.

What is your brightest childhood memories about winter and Christmas?
That we actually had white Christmases when we were growing up. They were magical. It’s sad to see that they aren’t snowy as frequently. We’re hoping for a really white Christmas this year! We used to be outdoors a lot, skiing, walking through the snow, skating, building snow caves and sledding.

How do you celebrate your Christmas these past few years? Any special (food) traditions?
Nathalie: With my closest. The Christmas is for the children so the schedule is made to fit them first, and grown ups second. Early dinner, visit by Santa and then play time. Absolutely no stress, or at least that’s what we’re aiming for. Since we’re vegetarian we’re doing a veggie Christmas smorgasbord. I’ve come to the realization that classic Christmas dinner food is kinda gross, but eating (variants of) it is tradition. This year I’ll try to be less traditional and actually cook food that you actually want to eat. Why not a vegetarian Moroccan stew or something Italian?
Matilda: We split it into a few parts. Siblings with families come to the respective parents. Lots of people want to invite for dinner and socializing, it’s great! We’ve started to look forward to spend it in our own home, the way we want it to be. Especially now since we’ve become parents. We’re also vegetarian and a favorite dish is almond and cheese quenelle with beet salad and winter apples. My fiancée, he cooks most of our food, have started to do more and more vegan food. So I’ve yet to find out if that will lead to a new Christmas favorite.BIB-winterblossom-14

Interior by Babes in Boyland

Share your worst cooking nightmare. Any epic failures?
Nathalie: When me and my fiancée cooked for 80 guests at our son’s name celebration when we both had the stomach flu (not yet knowing) and got half of all the guests sick. Not that popular, but funny four years later.
Matilda: Have nothing to add here, haha. I was a guest at the name celebration and ate from a great buffet! Thankfully, mostly for Nathalie’s conscious sake, I didn’t get the stomach flu.

Imagine you are having a dinner party and can invite any 3 celebrities, dead or alive. Who are they, what would you serve and why?
Wow that’s a hard question! We’ll get back to you on that! 😉

Please tell us what is inspiration for you?
Inspiration can come from so much different things, that’s what’s great about it. One example being creative people close to us. The nature and it’s seasons. Visiting different places. Each other. The list can keep going on and going on. It also feels amazing that other people around the world find us inspiring.

Winter by Babes in Boyland




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